3D swiss watch using blender

The link works for me, but some of the images on that page are ‘not found’.

Man it soo detailed…i like the shiny texture a lot…n with internal render too…cool 5 starts

i want one of those! :stuck_out_tongue:
5 stars

Everything about it is phenominal. The mesh, lighting, textures.

A few questions though. Was this modeled off of any references, if so can i see them. also, how was this rendered (internal/ yafray or whatever else)

other than that theres not much i can say. its an impressive display of what can be done with some time, and a well some well developed freeware. It makes you wonder why people pay so much for more advanced programs.

The model was done using another watchmaking CAD software by the watchmaking company’s engineers, my job was to do texturing, lightning and rendering.
I do not know how well blender behaves on modeling mechanical pieces, maybe it is missing some tools, maybe bmesh will help…
the only drawback i noticed is i am still missing multi polygons (i mean not triangle or quads) I know this has its advantages on the structure, but sometimes it is getting a bit tired to fill a plain flat surface with those edges running through the surface because blender has to keep triangles. F gones are usefull someimes though.
But i love blender and i am awaiting the next version…specially blurry reflections etc…

Your in the gallery old boy, well done.

I hate to be critical as it’s otherwise a very fine piece of work, but the lighting bothers me. Interesting that you used ‘4 or 5 lights’. The effect has been to flatten everything out somewhat in my opinion. I’d like a few more shadows.
I’m not an expert on lighting, but I might try cutting the number of lights down to three, and perhaps vary the intensity between them to get a more ‘rounded’ effect.

Excellent work and amazing detail!

Another point on this- I note that The 3-d modeling itself was done in a CAD programme and exported to Blender.

I would be interested to know what some of the more experienced Blender users here think is the extent to which this kind of thing could actually be modelled in Blender?

Additionally, is there any Open Source CAD programme anyone could recommend? (I’m off to do a Google, but I’d like others insights as well!)

If part of the brief was to grab the viewer’s attention, this image certainly works! For a technical presentation such as a manual, the textures might need to be tamed a little. But this is certainly an outstanding example of what Blender is capable of.

Richy 76.
You can model things like this in Blender but it takes quite a lot of time to master all the shortcuts and techniques. Check out my Precision Modelling Tutorials, they may help.

There are a number of freeware CAD programs available for personal use, but you tend to have to pay for a commercial licence. I find Blender can do most of what I need.

Having a look now Robbur-going through the bearings tutorial at this very moment!

So far so good. But I’ll get back for more detailed feedback once I’ve finished!

Back to the watch-would you think it is possible to model the plate on the front with the geometric array of concentric triangle shapes in Blender?

This was thrown together in a few minutes, not exactly the same but if you take the time to add all the detail you could achieve exactly the same result in blender. This was just one segment SpinDuped around the centre.


That’s not bad!
Although in the watch there’s all kind of weird geometry going on which I think would severely test Blender use. Of course some might say ‘close is good enough’, but when you’re doing things for professional purposes you really have to absolutely nail it.

I wouldn’t be suprised though If you could do it robbur, as your ball bearing tutorial really is excellent (I’ve just finished it) and should be required reading for anyone learning Blender.
Big Thanks for that!

very intricate.

Pretty darn fantastic detailing there.
The only thing I´d wish for in your image was somewhat better antialiasing and overall supersampling quality, that´s not your fault - it´s the renderer for now - But I believe they´re working on that these days with the Peach project demanding ultrafine details such as hair/fur. The reason why I say this is because the attention to detail you have presented
here require REAL talent - which you have!
Amazing work!

I love the amont of details and the render quality. Good work man!

oh golly, i find myself freaking out over this pic

Daaaamn! -

I love it. I wonder how long did it take you to make that.