3d tracking in blender

I have boujou, Pftrack 5. Unfortunately i can’t export into blender. But i can export as a textfile. Is there anyway i can integrate the textfile in blender? Is there a script. Alternatives are also appreciated.

what are you trying to do exactly?

I want to add 3d to live action footage. I used boujou and pftrack to track the shots. No i have text files with the data in them. I want blender to get the camera movement form the txt file

If you have access to the software, it does have export capabilities that Blender can read.

Export scene formats include 3DS Max, AfterEffects (.ma), Collada, FBX, Houdini, Lightwave, Maya, Softimage, Nuke, and OBJ

Why not just export your track as Collada or Lightwave and then use the standard Blender importers?

I ran the script in 3ds max from Pftrack (boujou doesn’t write the script correct for 3ds max). and I got a good match. I then exported as several different files formats the only one that even let me import was the .DAE one i tried activating the .fbx add-on but it doesn’t work. Damn blender is full of glitches. the . DAE file doesn’t work because there is no camera movement although there are key frames