3d view-noob question


Have a basic question again sorry.
When i am in the startup view i click on a left/right etc camera. I cant seem to get back to the default view. If I have a cube then wheat do i press to see the cube the same view as startup?
I tried view ortho/persp

The startup position is just an arbitrary view, its not a specific view setting.

I would like to get such a ortho view as startup so this isnt possible?

Ctrl+Alt+numpad0 will position the camera to the current view

I have blender 2.5 and ctrl-alt-numpad0 didnt do anything?

Snap, so have I and it does for me
If you want to use the menu entry


This is rough but hit Num pad key in this sequence; [1] [8] [8] [6] [6].