3D-View of transparent objects ?


(using Blender 2.40a++ CVS on Linux with XFree86 4.5.0)

in the forum I read/saw that it is now possible to have
a transparent view of transparent objects in the 3D view

How can I activate it ?
I tried the different Draw Types – but without the wanted

Am I again lost with my ATI Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon
7500] ???

Thank you very much for any help in advance ! :slight_smile:

PS: (DRI/DRM is enabled and running)

F7, Draw tab, Draw Extra, “Transp”, bottom, left of that block. It’s OpenGL so it only works in Solid Mode (Z).



GOT IT! Thanks a lot!

But what is the difference between “SOLID” in DrawType
of the 3D-View “header bar” and SOLID of the DrawType
activated via F7->DrawPanel (where the Draw Extras are
located too?) It only works for me when SOLID is set
via the last option.

Keep rendering ! :O)

SOLID of the DrawType activated via F7->DrawPanel

is per object and in the 3D window it’s the whole scene.

Think of the F7 buttons as limits; if you set a cube to “Solid” then it won’t be able to go into Shaded or Textured mode in the 3D window, but it will be able to go into wire.