3d web plugin

i want to make a 3d interactive player with blender


i will be using the old blender publisher … :o

is there a new blender web plugin ?

are there any alternatives of blender for web ?

It is called Unity and pretty cool.

Can make games with blender , maya and a few other 3d applications.

Games can be played on webbrowser , Iphone, Nintendo Wii.

Check out the link here for lots of great features:

Export to Mac, Linux, and windows in a single click :smiley:

I do not think anyone is working on the official blender web plugin anymore.

unity doesn’t support linux.

i think a well supported and secure web plugin is extremely hard to do for an open source project like blender. so it’s unlikely a revival of blender’s web plugin will happen anytime soon.

it probably makes more sense to make blender work well with the 3d on the web initatives like google’s o3d and webgl.

wow , i seem to like unity , thanks a lot dude …

webGL is just around the corner I think. Already in dev builds of chrome and firefox.

I thought that the Unity firefox plugin would work with linux. Guess not. They made the installer into an .EXE file so you cannot even try to install it.

How depressing, I was looking forward to doing the beginner tutorials this weekend. I am not going to work in windows. I love my Compiz desktop.

webGL or googles 3D is what I would say the future in embedded 3D content.

Unity is good as well. The other two are free and googles 3d system being fully
based on javascript and you can customize it from showing 3 content to creating
interactive 3d applications.

well there is also the free edition of Unity.

how ever when you go with unity you can also create stand alone apps for mac pc and iphone. last one is a new game design market which grows well.

the ipod replaced the nintendo DS in Germany. 2 to 6 dollars in contrast to 40 for a game is a big selling point in contrast to all the multi media features the ipod has in addition.

gameloft or however they are called I think sold 10 million in games in the past 1,2 years.

O3D and WebGL are both using JavaScript as a interface and for logic to the render engine. But, if you check out www.glge.org You seemingly can do up to 90% of the content within blender.

Reaaaally worth while checking out. I dont know if you are a web developer, but there’s also Papervision3D for flash. if you know actionscript it’s a treat to work with papervision.