3D World issue 74 - Blender

I was just browsing in W.H.Smith, as you do, and noticed it had an article about the Elephants Dream in it.

More than that, it’s a whole feature rich ‘open source’ issue, looking at the growing trend of community development. A very good read - and inspiration to us all.

Is this mag free and if it is where can I find it?


…sadly it’s not free.

…sadly it’s not free.

… but you get a free copy of WorldBuilder Pro 3.6 with this issue.


The mind boggles at the sense of entitltement that plagues some blender users…


It’s a realy good magazine, and I was luckely supprised when I saw project Orange in it the issue. It’s not very expensive either. even if I live in Sweden!

They say that this is only the first of a series of six 'production diaries" too.

That movie is already making so much noise : too much ?
I certainly hope that the story is any good.


Robin, (GURU 495 Posts in 9 Months wow! Thats an average of over 2 posts a day, Enough Said, Joined April of 2005) Any way as for as 3DWorld Mag being free, you can get a free copy on Mars, or mabey at yo mama’s house. It is an outstanding mag, about 14$ US, I finally subscribed about a year ago because they would always sell out at the book store here in ft lauderdale, fl. If your looking for a free mag, try “Blender Art Magazine” at ( www.blenderart.org ). You can download it in PDF format… November 2005 was first issue, looked real good, I am looking forward to further issues…


The link I gave seems to be not working, I have no clue why? I will try to contact the editor and see whats up… If you would like a copy of the magazine just email me and I will send, it is a real good Mag…


I don’t think 2 posts/day is very much. Look at the moderators posting they have much more posts. With this post I am one step closer to being forum monkey (500 posts).


The mind boggles at the sense of entitltement that plagues some blender users…


Not just blender users. People in general. At least in my experiance. Btw I buy ever issue of this magazine. There is not very much blender coverage,outside of the quick tips. But just to see what is going on in the 3d/CGI world it cannot be beat. I have not attempted it yet but I bet that many of the tutorials/techniques that are published in the magazine for other software could be adapted to blender.

LOL Reminds me of what some say about people who own sailboats… “They think the wind is free so everything else should be”

Naa… I use OSS software, but still purchase anything I think is worth buying… like Call Of Duty 2…

I kinda concur with IamInnocent, I think Blender is generating a lot of noise. I’m glad it’s not going to be another fad. Mainly because it takes intelligence and skill and , most of all practice, people will go,“Oh, I can’t get what I want right this instant? That mean it’s gay! (I wonder how people would know if someone’s gay or not? Experience?).”

Not to worry the domain name is correct alright but we are now shifting to ibiblio.org YAY!

It wont be possible this time but the correct link last time we gave was

Enought said next issue is about to be released within days so watch the news&chats thread for that as usaual.