3D World Magazine 80: The power of Open Source

The latest issue (80) of 3D World Magazine is all about the power of open source. One of the articles is a masterclass tutorial in character animation using real rigs from the movie Elephants Dream.

Recognize the picture on the frontpage?

Well, hopefully Blender is going to experience a big influx of new users this year, with a good few new talents amongst them.

I think this kind of coverage is at least 50% of the reason for doing something like ED in the first place. The use of the rigs in their tutorials is a fantastic application for the licensing.

I am so awaiting my copy in the mail, cause one of my images is printed in their too.

Congrats to @ndy for making the cover of that one too.


That’s really neat. About a year ago, I wrote them a letter encouraging them to offer more information on opensource and free software like Blender, Yafray, ArtOfIllusion and others. I said that they would be gaining usefulness and popularity in the coming years. It was published as the Letter of the Month with an encouraging reply. Good to see that stuff like that is now finally happening.

Does anyone know if this issue is on store shelves yet?

I’m going to get it. Whens it out?

I don’t like at all the ridiculous text balloon linked to Andy’s character.

Hope they gave credit to you guys…

But yeah, maybe we should expect these forums to be overgrown with former Maya users soon. :-p

congrats to be on it :wink:

I flicked through it in the shop yesterday. The cover jumped out at me from a distance, I knew the image but I thought ‘it can’t be’. A really pleasant surprise. Congrats @ndy!

I never really thought they’d do it. I’ve seen big blender articles in the Linux magazines, but I always figured 3DWorld wasn’t interested. I guess Blender has arrived!

Damn the one month I decide not to buy 3dworld when it’s an open-source issue! Hopefully a few will still be in stock in town later this week :frowning:

Went to Barnes & Noble to look for this today, but they still had issue #78 on the shelves. Guess I’ve gotta wait a while.

Actually, 3DWorld has had Blender related material in it several times. I remember quite a spread when Blender 2 came out (3DWorld with California Raisins on the cover) They also did a big spread on 2.3. Then there was the nice tutorial by Landis Fields (n° 47). Lately, there were several “How do I…” type articles on Blender as well and other stuff I forgot. Of course, they also followed the Orange production with monthly installments.
Now I agree, more would be better but all in all, we can’t complain, especially when you realise that magazines like that live from corporate sponsorship (ads and stuff…) and Blender of course does not bring in a lot of money for 3DWorld. (Only Ton is getting rich from Blender :smiley: :smiley: )

We’re a month behind in the states, the I’ve found Barnes & Noble seems to get 3D World in before other places.

The joys of being a uk based subscriber to the mag! I get my copy before everyone! :smiley:

I did the same today here in Chico California. :frowning: They had issue 78 or 79, forget which. Wonder how long it will take to get the mag across the big pond?

My local Books-A-Million is still at #78. Sometimes they miss a month, and with my luck, this will probably be one of the months they miss.

Got mine in the mail on Friday. Excellent issue.

My image is a bit small in there, but I am still just happy to have made it into the mag. Very cool feeling to see your own work published for others to see.

Can’t wait to go through Bassam’s walkcycle tute. Looks very detailed.


I bet! (and I hope to experience that feeling some time…)
Congrats to you and @ndy! (and Bassam for the tutorial)

So I rush out to get the next mag, and find it was only #79, and I’ll have to wait another month…the final article on ED isn’t bad, and there are some great insight articles, but man, I gotta talk the nosie to get my wife to go along with a subscription on this mag!!:eek: Craigo

I actually think Bassam’s tutorial is the only thing worth reading in the magazine! Although the headsup for that fractal generator program they use is quite useful.