3dark Survey

(overextrude) #1

Sorry if this has already been posted, but check it out:


(haunt_house) #2

thanks for the link. I immediately added a little fame to blender.
hope many more will do.

But 3D-ark is great. check the archive section (especially for demo reels).


(S68) #3

me did too :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #4

Me too!


(Vidigiani) #5

Hehe I voted too… looking at the results I was a bit confused tho. Third question was this:

( C ) 3. If, at this moment, you were given the opportunity to own (and realistically learn/use) any one of the following packages for FREE, which one would you choose? (If you would not switch, please indicate the software you would continue to use):

49 people said they would switch if Blender was made free? :slight_smile:

(Nayman) #6

no, i would jsut keep blender!

wow, blender does really well!

i am surpiorsed

go blender go blender! 8)

(kirpre) #7

Tally one more for Blender.