[3DCoat] PBR Smart Materials Store

The team behind 3DCoat is excited to present the Beta of our brand new library of scanned PBR-ready Smart Materials today !

Functioning in the Beta mode currently, the dedicated Store of PBR Scans has been revealed !

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The recently announced Store of PBR Scans has been updated with more than 400 new scanned masks available for your download here ! Make your creations better and more realistic with our collection of masks!

We will keep expanding the selection of Scanned Smart Materials, Samples, Masks, Brushes etc regularly, to ensure variety of choice and potential for your creativity. Stay tuned!

Those who missed out on our earlier announcement, we’ve got a collection of top-quality Scanned PBR Smart Materials, including 40 you can download and try for free!

Please, be informed the Store currently runs in Beta mode, so we’d appreciate to hear your feedback on our forums.

Sincerely yours,
3DCoat Team


Nice progress for 3DCoat. Now we just need Andrew to develop some procedural noise/pattern features to match Mari & Substance Painter/designer, as well as clean up how you interact with material libraries/smart materials. The capability is there, just need to further refine the usability.


They look great. But what are they and how do they differ from PBR materials on sites like Polligon.

I am definitively keeping an eye on this.

What is a 3D scanned mask? How does this differ from procedural materials or PBR materials where one downloads multiple textures and plugs them into the principled shader… Also are the textures seamless/tileable?

We have added more than 600 cool Brushes to 3DCoat Smart Materials Store, all available for free! All those brushes are a mere click away, so don’t hesitate to check them out and Download now.

As you may know, 3DCoat Smart Materials Store is a subscription-based service offering a solid collection of PBR-scanned Smart Materials, Samples, Masks, Silhouettes etc., all serving to significantly improve the quality of your artwork!

If you don’t have a subscription with our Smart Materials Store yet, please check the plans available.

Exchange your monthly credits with downloadable PBR Scans and other Smart Materials.


Sincerely yours,
3DCoat Team

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Smart materials are set up to automatically detect where for example dirt or rust should appear, so they mix PBR textures with each other.
Whereas pbr textures Frome ploiigonare just images which can be used to set up smart materials.

Hi all!
Following your requests, we introduce a one-time purchase pack of credits available at our Smart Materials Store.

Pay once and pick the materials you need most with the Basic Pack available now!

Check out the details here: http://materials.3dcoat.com/buy


That is so much more user friendly. I love 3D Coat and use it alot, but I’m not gonna spend monthly subscription fees for a few materials I need every now and then, but not often enough so it makes sense to subscribe. Even though they look really good in some cases. But buying credits when I need it, sure. I’ll do that without a doubt when I feel I need some. :slight_smile: