3DCoat to blender Multi-res

I used blender 2.49b for this, then we can import it to 2.5.3

What do you know about 3DCoat? Its a fine voxels sculpt tool, has a great re-topology room too. Many more futures but not the case today.
In voxels room we can dynamically sculpt without warring about topology etc. We can re-topo the mesh and bake displacement and normal maps.
But the problem starts when we want a multi res model in blender so to rig it and render hi-res without the use of ugly displacements etc.

Here we are.
We sculpt in voxels room of 3DC. We export the tri mesh (a fine decimator there allows us to export a ~500k tri model with lot of details. (export scene)
We re-topo the mesh as ~2K quads in re-topo room of 3DC and export this too.
We import the two meshes in same position in blender.
We use multi-res modifier to subdivide the 2k quad mesh to ~500 or more quads. This will be our cage to capture details from the tri mesh.
We use shrink wrap as modifier.

All these because its difficult to capture tri meshes on a quad cage.

  • its better to use shrink wrap for every subdivision step, its easy.
    ** some artifacts in sensitive places like behind ears or near mouth opening can be easily fixed in blender sculpt room (smooth tool)

Now we can continue surface sculpture in blender, we can UV map it, we can rig it. And this started from a dynamic voxels sculpt tool! I don’t know other apps than blender that can achieve this.