3Dconnexion 3d mouse is not as good as a 2d mouse for flying a camera???

I have been struggling trying to use my 3d mouse in Blender for years.

The main problem that I can absolutely not find a solution to is when flying a camera around.

When I fly the camera using a 2d mouse I can translate around the scene at constant speed as expected.

When I fly using the 3d mouse it always appears to be orbiting something, then by pushing to go forward the camera will move and begin to slow down as it approaches the orbit’s center, and eventually come to a complete stop. At that point it will only rotate, but any translation is very Very slow, until the camera is flown in the reverse direction which will slowly “zoom” back out. Then the camera starts flying more quickly as it gets farther from the center.

This has kept me from flying through buildings, around terrains and always finds some way of making me just unplug the 3Dmouse and just using my gaming mouse.

Please, can someone help me figure out how to get the 3d mouse to fly the camera at a constant speed, regardless of position, zoom levels, ect…???


I haven’t been able to find a way around that slowdown in fly mode. Though for me, just using the 3d mouse without fly mode works better.

That said, it would be great if the 3d mouse implementation got some love one day. Compared to how 3Dcoat handles it e.g., Blender’s implementation seems pretty clunky. 3d mice are so useful, particularly for sculpting/painting type workflows where one hand navigating and the other sketching/sculpting (especially on a tablet) can be very useful and speedy.