3dconnexion: Space Pilot Pro in blender. Button config

Hey. I have a spacepilot pro mice. And now in blender 2.7 it works fantastic to move around with. But I would like to configure some of the buttons (1-10) to make it more usefull when working with sculpting or moddeling. And this is my problem. I have configured some of the buttons, but it looks like blender does not notice what I have mapped them as.
An example: key:1 Is set to be “e”. but when I hit key1, nothing happens. Is it possible to get this to work in blender, or do I have to wait for later versions?

Thanks for any help :smiley:

Blender completely ignores any settings made in the 3dconnexion control panel.
This includes axis/rotation sensitivity as well as the key-mapping of buttons.
You will need to map the NDOF buttons within Blender’s preferences themselves.
(dont forget to save the preferences after making the changes)