3di Viewer

Hi, I’m new to Blender, and I’ve got some questions. I’m wondering if it would be possible to use Blender for creating a 3di viewer (3di being the 3d model format used by Novalogic games like for instance Delta Force 2)…?

I guess I would first need to make an import script for the 3di format, similar to the existing ones for .obj, .3ds, etc… The 3di format is undocumented, but I’ve been studying it on & off for a couple of years, and I believe I’ve figured out all of the parts needed for a viewer to be able to display its 3d model (the 3di file contains lots of other stuff as well…). Vertices, normals, faces, uv coordinates, textures, etc. are all included in the 3di format, but then again, I’m not yet sure exactly which types of data Blender would need as a minimum to be able to display a textured 3d model.

I would also need to figure out how to use that script inside a Blender application, i.e. like the ones one can download from http://blender3d.org/cms/Stand-alones.162.0.html Not sure exactly how to create such applications yet, but I guess it’s described in here somewhere… It would need to include some user dialogs for browsing to the location of the 3di files to be viewed.

Anybody knows if something similar has been done already? Any tips for where to start?