3dlabs cards?

(meestaplu) #1

I went to 3dlabs.com a couple of days ago and saw they were coming out with a new card - the Wildcat VP. Does anyone know how well Blender works with 3dlabs cards? I don’t want to buy the card and end up with something that doesn’t blend as well as my Geforce2.

(This might be a strange question, as 3dlabs is basically an industry standard)

(Ben) #2

-I’ve worked with a Permedia.It works well with Blender with lower
color depth(16-bit).It doesn’t support 32 bit color depth .All versions of Blender crashes.

(meestaplu) #3

Thanks. I hope that has changed since the Permedia generation. If I buy a new Wildcat, I’ll make sure I can return it if it doesn’t work with Blender.

(jbelanche) #4

I have a 3DLabs Oxygen VX1 and runs so well on NT5, but Linux doesn’t recognize: I have to configure it like Permedia 4 and runs so poor :frowning: