3Dmagix facts

in the tradition of the Chuck Norris facts comes THE 3DMAGIX facts!:

3Dmagix is more powerful than Chuck Norris

with 3Dmagix you can create a PIXAR movie easily in two hours… OR LESS!

God used 3Dmagix for creating the universe

3Dmagix allows “the little guy” to create cutting edge 3D animations in two hours… OR LESS!

3Dmagix has the worlds best “ease of interface”

3Dmagix is easily worth a hundred times more than its actual cost

3Dmagix has not one, but two perfect render buttons

Add your own!

(if you have no idea what this is, see this:

And this:
http://www.3dmagix.com/index2.html )

3dMagi-- I have to use the bathroom.

3DMagix is so easy to use even CHUCK NORRIS could do it…:evilgrin:

3DMagix is so legal, even someone as lame as Cody Landon has every right as outlined by the GPL to sell it and training materials for a semi-reasonable $27 so long as he doesn’t violate the copyrights of the owners of the images he is using to promote his “product!”

Am I doing it right?

Well, if copyright isn’t the ticket, maybe truth in advertising is:

  • It’s the is the Industry-Leading 3D Modelling / Animation / Game Design Software Used By Animation Studios and Home Users Worldwide

  • You need no technical skills.

  • You can create Professional 3D Animations, Games and Graphic Models Like Pixar and Dreamworks Studios Easily In 2 Hours or Less. Meaning those ~6 hours of video tutorials and 200+ page manual are bulk! I demand a rebate!

All taken from the wonderful site. Which Web-Of-Trust keeps yelling at me not to touch.

3DMagix is so good even i thought of buying it when knowing it’s a rip-off…

another fact:
3dmagix = a fraud if you aske me.

Well, nobody knew that. Thanks for sharing.

Thanx BOT for pissing me off with your add.

I think I’ll hunt you down and hack your web-page now.

3Dmagix is the most powerful site in the world cause it has “magix” in it’s name

3dmagix is so uber powerful, it created god.

so Im not going to gert screwed out of my money if I order the 3dmagix package? I noticed that no matter what day you go to the site it always says you only have three days to get the deal! is this deal for real or am i gonna get scammed?

Im hoping I get this deal that looks so unbeleivable…

Amazing how wild the net can be these days. Just show that consumers need extra precaution when purchasing items over the 'net. For sure there aren’t so many people out there who have little or no inkling about the range of free software out there.

@brian frisbie:

so Im not going to gert screwed out of my money if I order the 3dmagix package?
Yes, You are…:wink:

Is this deal for real
Sadly Yes/Maybe/No/?..:spin:

or am i gonna get scammed
Most definitely…:evilgrin::evilgrin:

Look… If you really want spend your money, I’ve got some Yellow SNOW for sale… It has a thousand and one uses, and its going cheap…:wink:

brian, what he did is he took available, free resources, and put them on some disks o_O
so you’re paying for him to do 5 min. worth of googling. :no:

anyway, back on topic, 3dmagix is so powerful, he couldn’t even think up a decent name!
it’s so powerful, a 3-month-old infant can create the next Hollywood hit! :smiley:

is it just me or have you people proven that you have no lives?

And you know why that is?

yeah that’s right, cause you didn’t use 3dmagix.

3DMagix is so good, because it’s looks just like awesome Blender.

This raises a question.

If i make a game in blender. Then I publish the blend cause cause the GPL tells me so. Someone could then change the graphics and the order of the level and sell it as his own. That would be legal also.