3DMagix website back online again

It’s now time to hire an assassin :evilgrin:

I noticed he is starting to use the words “Blender & 3DMagix”
He’s still using artwork without permission.


You even get a free colour picker!

PickaColor magically tells you which colors you’ve chosen with your mouse.


To help combat spam which has completely cluttered my inbox, we’ve decided to switch to an online ticketing system.

I guess blender users were the “spammers”…

But even so, he is still trying to sell documentation for blender, on the same site.

Let Your Imagination Come Alive With Blender & 3DMagix - The Easiest
Way To Create Professional Looking 3D Models and Animations…

He’s got some nerve :no:

There’s a lot more mention of Blender as the software and 3DMagix as the tutorial/video collection bundled with it. There are less pictures, and more of them are now attributed. Some are tagged as copyright 2008 Blender Foundation - the Foundation could presumably ask to have these taken down, unless they have been released under a license that lets 3DMagix use them.

The site is less awful than it was, and getting closer to being a “packaging” of blender + tutorial material + support that is a perfectly reasonable thing to bundle up and sell to those who want it. It isn’t quite there yet though. I’m curious about whether the tutorial material is legit (people’s licenses respected). Does anyone know?

Looking through it again, it does seem a little better than before.
However, i am a little concerned about this documentation material,
as he mentioned “noob to pro” somewhere in the description.

It wouldn’t surprise me much if it wasn’t his own documentation either.

My favorite part is the 1st line:

“Announcing: The Revolutionary 3D Software That Has Helped 6,100 People In 67 Countries Create Cutting-Edge Animations From The Comfort Of Their Own Home…”

I wonder which 6,100 people those are.

thats the 6100+ unique ip’s that visited he’s site last time the subject came up in here… :smiley:

I bet not all people “ownded” their own home … some probably just rent so therefore the above statement is not 100% true!

The “Sketcher” program that’s part of the VIP bundle is actually http://www.pencil-animation.org/

Also: “What’s more, Blender introduces global illumination, multi-wavelength ray-traycing for accurate spectral caustics and other optical effects, sub-surface scattering for realistic human skin shading.”

Since when has the internal renderer done spectral caustics?? Perhaps he’s secretly bundling Lux as well…

This time he uses the Blender name in many places,

but i still hate him :smiley:

Haha, yeah, but he just says 6100. Not ‘over’ 6100. Once Blender helped 6100 people, it just stopped helping after that! :slight_smile:

I love this guy.

“Qns: I have more than 1 PC. Can I use it on other computers?
Yes, the license allows you to use it on as many PC’s as you like.”

ummm what license? :stuck_out_tongue:

On the plus side, googling 3dmagix results in oodles of comments similar to the ones in this thread, and the Web-Of-Trust score for the site is nearly zero on all four categories.

One of the best ways to ruin your ‘online reputation’ (for those who have one) is to take credit for the work of others. He’s getting what’s coming to him, sooner or later.

Seriously, anyone not happy with how he’s done things shouldn’t comment here… you should comment on the sites that allow public comments and are sending him traffic, such as:
http://ezinearticles.com/?expert_bio=Cody_Landon (has sent him over 1500 hits)
http://entertainmentreleases.blogspot.com/2009/06/3dmagixcom.html Blog with the same photo as one of the 3dmagix “testimonials”, may be fake, but if not, she could probably be convinced to retract her testimonial.

Also of interest is that when you go to check out at clickbank, that the name of the company is identified as either Frontier Entertainment or Sapphire Marketing Inc depending on which link you used.

A bit of googling turns up:

100 E. Sybelia Ave
Maitland, FL 32751
Office: 407-647-9200
Toll Free: 1-866-942-6441
Email: [email protected]


It may be that neither are him… but one might be. :wink:

Also worth noting is his claim (which may be lies) in the affilliate section that his top affilliate brought him in over $16,000 in sales. Unlikely, but if he’s getting those numbers (presumably he has other affilliates), maybe Ton should get him in for marketing advice! :wink: