3DMax 3d viewer

I am madly impressed with some of the new 3DMax stuff

so you can see area lights can cast shadows and illumination

and if you wait few seconds the engine then blends the sharp drop shadow approximations into nicely looking smooth results

the rendered result is somewhat different obviously but - I am impressed.

Also iRay is quite fast for this indoor test. It would be great if area lights could be similarly simulated in Blender.

it looks strange, if there was that much light probaply my eyes or cam would only see white.
And if there was less light, then the wall behind the lamp should catch more shadow ?

Have you tried to get similair effects using in blender ?, perhaps use mesh light ?.
(asuming your good at light i dont know you skills in this area).

He’s just talking about the real time viewport (or semi real time for the soft shadows)

Solidworks does a pretty decent AO pass on the geometry if you don’t move the camera for a few seconds, it’s pretty handy.


the first 2 images are just from the 3D view and only the 3rd is an actual rendering. Area lights in Blender cannot cast shadows and this is a pretty handy tool when setting up a scene and getting a rough idea about falloff and shadows before you even start rendering.

Doesn’t the cycles preview in viewport make up for that a bit, though? being able to see what the shadows will actually look like is a bit better in my book than turning it into a point lamp.

yeah - I found the cycles material preview not very usable for many things because it does not render much. for example if it would pre-render a texture based on the procedural nodes it would be more useful. Pixels3D did that back in 2000.