3DNeksus Sketchbook

Hello,and welcome on board!

I finally gathered all my my will power and decided to make a sketchbook:yes:
I hope it will motivate me to do more personal work this year

I’ll start with sculpting in blender,
I usually do my sculpting in zbrush but I am always wanted to try blender sculpting
so here some portrait sculpted in blender some CC are most welcome
girl 18h,man 8h

some fun with cycles and AAE:

I have also recorded the process 15x speed which you can find on my blog or directly on youtube

Wish you all a many great works in this new 2015 year!


That awesome art, no matter, how it was done.

Excellent work!

Awesome! Great pieces!

I always find it interesting to see artists that use ZBrush try Blender sculpting.

Off to watch the vids. Just gave it a quick glance to see if it was Dyntopo or Multirez. I guess it’s the latter.
Have you tried sculpting w Dyntopo?

Looking forward to updates with this sketchbook .

Wow, great stuff!

The Willem Defoe model is instantly recognisable. Great work. I also lost an enjoyable hour to your Miranda time lapse videos on YouTube.

Are you using a tablet, or is this all mouse?

thanks guys!

yes I used multirez but found that is really buggy and basically I can use only move brush on the lower subs to not mess up the higher subdivs. You can find this bug at link (mesh is already messed up on lower sub), but it started earlier --basically it will go ok till like 3 subdivision and after that then I subdivide one more time it will mess up the lower subdivs and if I ll try to sculpt on this messed up geometry it will transfer to the higher subdivs.
May be it is just me ,don’t know but this is really sad bug .maybe someone can share some light on this
Also the first subdivision is almost not transfering the higher ones.so basicly you cant do on it much.

For this particular portrait work I find that working with multirez is much easier than with dyntopo.Dyntopo is more for searching for ideas-concepting or going without references IMHO.

Awesome sculpts!

Wow, very impressive! Great job. :slight_smile:

great sculpts… yes is the spike bug, you met it in its mild form,sad bug, dyntopo is also good to work with references, only form finishing sculpt work like clean up and fine detail, dyntopo is not made for. then multires on good retopology is used.

edit oh, you got her eyes set apart a little too much, it looks like


thanks glad you like it


thanks man! I am using a tablet , I think it would be hell of a lot work with mouse :smiley:

Thanks doris, I like your work too! but is it possible to report this bug and maybe some day it will be fixed ?Are you saying what if I had a base mesh more refined to begin with I will not encounter this bug?

yes eyes look weird to me now too (( this is like the more you look on it with bigger in-between time the more you see some mistakes, and people who see your work for the first time can see them instantly thought not all can explain -whats wrong.:confused:

Also is there any easy way to reply with multiple QUOTEs to different people with one post ?

Very very Nice !
What a lovely post,
About multires, better use zbrush. Multires is an abandoned project.
Dyntopo on the other hand, well, I love the tool.

multires bug is old, as michalis said, no, it is not known what makes the bug appear, i doubt if it ever will be known … multires neeeds meshes with all normals facing same direction, otherwise spikes appear. density of mesh does not seem to be related to bug occurence, to my knowledge,… because of this bug, i use zbrush for the work that i would otherwise do on multires…

yes, the problem of to get used to your own sculpt… try the mirror trick, hold a mirror in front of your monitor and observe your model in mirror, it helps a lot…

I like this style. It’s clean, crisp, confident like nothing is left to chance. Been trying to match this kind of style, but I’m lazy and my brain hurts when I try to learn and explore things beyond what I’m currently focused at. And I love Dyntopo. It’s smooth as butter. It never crashes on me. But the cleaning up operation is a bit imperfect. Wish this style could be done without retopoing, which is time consuming.

Is this retopoed?

Thanks! Big fan of your sketchbook! And I have tried uv’s sculpting from your tutorial–realty nice technique!.
But why it is abandon project? I think good multi-res is really needed for blender. It helps a lot to tweak your model on the lower subdivs when you have a lot of details on the hier subs. I also can not imagine how I can sculpt some pores and some small details right now in blender.

Thanks for the tip doris

Thanks! This was sculpted with multi-res only and I started with a simple base mesh.

But why it is abandon project?..…

I tend to believe, it’s abandoned alright. The devs brought dyntopo instead. Possibly some kind of auto retopology in the near future, certainly some nice manual retopo tools (already here as addon), better dyntopo performance and optimization of brushes-tools, texture painting (Ptex), shaders (OGL), vertex-painting for real, such a roadmap we may expect.
It isn’t a matter of taste, multires methods are great. But, you have to stick with zbrush for suck a workflow. As most of us do.