3DNP levels problem

Hi, I posted this yesterday on the 3DNP project thread, but thought someone here might be able to help me.

I’ve been looking at using 3DNP and managed to render my animations correctly and run the 3DNP script and could view a rotatable 3D picture in a webpage - no problem. Until I tried to change the variables in the 3DNP_config.js file. I changed the total number of images with no problem, but when I try to change the levels variable to anything other than the default (4) it does not work. I rendered at 7 levels, but when I change the config to reflect this nothing appears at all in the browser.

The images are all correctly placed in the images folder, the filename settings are all correct, and it will display images if I have the levels set to 4, but will only display 4 levels of course. I want to be able to display all levels, but when I try to do what seems a simple change, I can not see a thing. Has anyone else come across this? It seems so simple, but I can’t work it out.



If I understand correctly, you’ve already rendered 3DNP using the default variables. I don’t believe you can change the levels since you’ve already captured these images with the default level . If you want to change the levels, you will have to render a new set of images with new levels defined and upload to your site.

I think the default number of levels is seven.

All the variables have to be correct for the web script to run. Do you have 252 images in the image folder ?

Rendering with the defaults, the first part of the config.js should look like this -

total = 252; // total number of images
levels = 7; // number of Y axis levels
startlevel = 3; // defines the starting axis

thx for your replies. In Blender it seems like I rendered at 9 levels, not 7, so I had 324 images. This explains why images would show up using the default (4) in the config.js file as it divides correctly into 324, whereas 7 did not. just some minor stupidity on my part, but thanks anyway!

So that’s how that works…

Well… just a guess, but it seems like it needs correct factors in the code of the config.js file as in a couple of places it divides the number of images variable by the levels variable… so if it doesnt return an integer I guess it screws up. With an integer it will at least display images, even if they are not all present… Of course If I had just done it right in the first place I would never have needed to learn that!