.3ds import. Is it posible?

(davejumpers) #1

Is it posible to import 3ds files to blender?


(TheSkelet) #2

No, it’s not!!!

(BgDM) #3

Ahem, yes it is! You just export your blend file as a .dxf and then import the .dxf into 3DS. Since 3DS started as an Autodesk, (not sure if it still is), application, there was seemless integration between AutoCAD and 3DS via .dxf.

Try it. There should be no problems. You just might have to tweek your mesh a bit in 3DS when imported.


(Ecks) #4

I think he mean: .3ds file–>.blend

download accutrans 3d (I don’t remember the site) open your 3ds file in it and then save it in .dfx so you can open in in blender! accutrans convert also .cob, .lwo and many other type!

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the URL is

But I was looking for something that would work with LINUX. :smiley:

thanks yo

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So what are Blender 2.x import supported formats?


(theeth) #7

VRML 1.0
VRML 2.0 (also known as VRML 97)