3ds max 8 exporter

where can I get exporter so I can convert mesd in to max file for sds max8

You can’t. I’d suggest exporting the file as an .obj and import it that way.

but how did some people exporded in ZBrush? there is surely eporter 3ds max too.

there is surely eporter 3ds max too

No there is no Max exporter. Save your mesh in .obj or .3ds (or another format importable by 3DMax or Zbrush).

a hve tried exporting to .3ds but 3max didint recognize file, as it uses .max files

You need to install the .obj and .3ds import plugins for 3DS Max. When you first install Max, it only supports .max files. Don’t bother with .3ds files unless your model has no textures.

Go here:
Search for .obj import scripts/plugins for your max-version.