3ds Max --> FBX --> Blender (Animations all screwed up)

I’m trying to get a large project of mine from Max to Blender. The geometry all comes in looking great, but the Animations are all jacked up. I’m using Max’s FBX export because it keeps Quads in tact the best…

My animations are mostly simple heirarchical rotations…For example, I have a wing aileron that is a child of a point helper…the aileron has only X rotation keys and rotates around the ailerons local X axis. This has another point helper as a child with an aileron trim tab as a child of it that rotates around it’s x axis.

The aileron is ok…but the trim tab is all screwed up…it’s backwards and rotating off of some weird imaginary rotation origin. I’m unable to tell if it’s the FBX or blender’s import of it. Any ideas?