Hello all,

I’m looking at a game engine called 3IMPACT. So far, it looks extremely interesting. I was wondering if anyone has tried this product and if you have any comments on it.


What makes it any more “special” than all the other game engine’s out there? If you’re going to ask about that engine in the first place, you probably won’t get that many answers in the BLENDER game engine forum. Why don’t you just wait for crystalblend like everyone else? Or, better yet, make some cool stuff in blender! With work, many things are capable to be faked in blender.

I had a look at the 3impact game engine.

At first it is easy to be impressed by all the possibilities it has to offer, but just have a close look at the technical details and browse the forum at their website and you’ll see it is not an easy product.

First of all you need an external editor to make your models. Secondly you need to be very, very good at coding. To put it simply 3impact is not at all such an easy program as Blender, where everything is put together (modelling, texturing, programming and viewing the end result).

If you browse the forum at 3impact and look at the projects other people are working on, it seems they only manage to edit the standard downloadable examples. New content is rare.

This gives a clear signal: 3impact is too hard for most people to create new things with.

With Blender, newbies can make something new in a few hours of learning.

Therefore, Blender is better :wink:


Well said.

blender_rox, i think your totally wrong here, anyone here could have used a previous engine and dropped it, to move over to blender. Its the same thing as saying all those 3d modelers have moved from maya to max to blender to lightwave.

I have never heard of 3impact, but i have looked at such a language of darkbasic professional, (and well blitzbasic too, there basically the same)
It is a programming language designed to make games.

I might want to actualy get that…
I for one AM a fairly decent programmer, and if it were up to me, would add a lot of programmability to blender. If I could find a way around using logic bricks, I wouldn’t use them. I think I will have a go at this. Tell you all what I think of it.

blender_rox, i think your totally wrong here,

So says the 12 year old kid who joined 2 days ago. Besides, how does your statment relate at ALL to what I said?

All I’m saying is that you should help to make blender grow and flourish. Other engine’s, which cost money, generally are harder to use without being a coder (mind you, if you are a coder, these would probably be the way to go, if you want to be a traitor to the benevolent blender, that is :wink: ), and produce usually the same graphics that can be made in blender should be avoided. They just cause trouble. Therefore, as stated above, blender is better. :smiley:

Ehem… anyway, Drewu, I’ll be glad to hear what you think of it. :smiley: Just don’t go and convert everyone from blender, otherwise I won’t forgive you!

blender_rox, i think your totally wrong here, anyone here could have used a previous engine and dropped it, to move over to blender.

Actually it does make sense. There’s a few, but not a lot of programmer tikes here who tried out other engines before moving onto blender. Also those that tried blender than moved to some other engine and came back.

I don’t know, but I could probably move onto some more competent engines out there besides blender with a little more experience in coding if I chose to take the step to learn more coding. But the thing is this is only a hobby for me, and blender is pretty simple to use and fairly simple to grasp. I like the auto play feature that it has so you don’t have to wait a long time to play it after compilation. This allows you to fix any errors you might have made in a relatively short time.

:wink: Yeah other engines might be better, but it’s not necessarily easier to use. Plus graphics wise, I can’t do much since my art is not on par to a lot of those professionals out there. Lol, I’ll just keep with my programmer art for my personal projects.

who joined 2 days ago

blender_rox don’t say things like that. %| You’d be surprised how many newcomers on elysiun have actually been using the Blender GE for years or other engines and may be more exprienced than many of us here. Join date doesn’t matter, :expressionless: I’ve made this mistake myself once or twice too.

Yes, 3Impact looks like a really nice engine. Lol, looks better than Torque too. But sadly it’s not free… Heh, Jared and Drewu tell me how it goes :D.

Jason Lin

Ha ha. Well, really, I am just not up for all of the wait time for crystalblend…
When that comes out I will most likely come crawling back…and it is not like I could do without blender even if I did use this other engine…I will still be UV mapping and modeling with the rest of you. Cheers for Blender and may the Return of the King be soon!

Not trying to start a flame war, but blender_rox, i think you are being very inmature on the subject, yes i joined 2 days ago, that doesnt mean i have no idea on programming or modeling in general, and judging my age is not appropriate either. I also think your being very biased towards blender. The person is asking your opinion on the product 3impact, not on how much blender is better and why you should stick with blender.

Hey everyone,

Some things to clear up:

  1. I only joined elysiun this year, but i’ve been using Blender since almost the beginning (before there was a game engine).

  2. I’m not dissing Blender. I just feel very limited, as many do. Game projects rarely are finished in Blender. And when they are, they usually aren’t very playable/long.

  3. 3IMPACT is not as easy as Blender, but not much more difficult. The API is very organized and well laid out. Anybody who can learn blender can very well learn 3IMPACT. There are some people on the forum that have never programmed and are using it after a few hours - just like blender!!!

  4. You don’t stop using blender. You still need blender to create, texture and animate directx 8 (.x) models to use in 3IMPACT.

  5. As far as an external editor: yes, I have visual studio, but there are plenty of free editors out there, like DEV-C++ and many others! In fact, you could simply use notepad in windows to write the code!

  6. The code for this engine is SOOO easy to write! Yet, if you know some C++, you can get as advanced as you like and extend, modify, etc…


snicker :slight_smile:

well our gamedev team is still going strong almost or over 4 yrs.

sure you guys havent seen or played what we have been doing but its pretty damn sweet.

how about working with gameblender at least on a prototype and seeing what you really can do?

there’ll always be limitations…


:wink: You guys better release something soon, lol. Yeah there’s many projects out there that show the potential of what blender can accomplish. Heh, only problem is, only the developers in on the project know exactly what limitations the GE has hit and how you can get around it. Lol, the others are just left with screen shots and videos of the work in progress. Blender does have a small array of nice games that are out there showing what it can do…

ie: HellStation, Robocock, … there’s others but I can’t seem to remember at the moment (yes I know there’s other’s out there too, but they’re just more or less in demo status…)

Actually blender is quite adequate for making games… just lacks a bit in a couple of areas, but it will be remedied soon enough :smiley: .

Jason Lin