3rd Head Study

Working on the forms of the face that really pull off that smooth feminine face. Just started doing ears too. Let me know what you guys think!


I think the forms are good. definitely female. Irish looking.

i has the aesthetic many artists do when they dont know anatomy
i dont see a resemblance of an human right now, the ear is the best part in my opinion, kudos

You can rework the cranium, zygomatic and the mandible.

I’m not too good myself, but what I see.

Cheekbone should go more straight from an ear hole and to the bottom of an eye orbit.

Check proportions of face and the line of hair grow.

Nice, I think you have sufficient familiarity with the sculpting tools. Now you could try to sculpt using a real person as reference. That way you could avoid making your sculpt looking too generic. Good luck!

Edit: sometimes looking at good head sculpture also helps:

Oh wow, this is great! I’ve been having the hardest time getting that smooth, subtly feminine face. Do you have any tips for getting that effect? (if you don’t mind :joy:)

~ Para