3rd person camera

What is the setting of a 3rd person camera? How many attributes should I put in the Min, Max, Height on the Camera Actuator?

if i would be you then i may put half of the max amount , … and checking and unchecking 3D would be giving another results …

That is up to you. How far do you want the view to be behind the player? Or above the player? do you want to move them?

Do you want to look over their shoulder? Its up to you, and what you like the best. After all, it will be your very own game. Smile.

Make it look how you want it to look.

Try different values and only change one at a time…then you will see the differences more easily when you make a change.

Have fun with it…Maybe be in front of the player so you may see the face in stead of the back of the head?

Or maybe you might want to change from front to back views when you press a special key?

This camera thing driving me INSANE!! I cant get it!

Have you tried just parenting the camera to a vertex on the player?

Read this little tut, it is probably the easiest set up, I think: