3rd person puzzle/fighting game WIP

I have been working on this scene which consists of some ruins, a church and a graveyard. I want to make a small game in terms of the size of the map with some puzzles and a handful of enemies to fight.
The idea is that you don’t have weapons, you must use things you find. You can combine items to create tools and weapons. e.g. (still programing this) you can throw rocks at an old fence until it breaks. you can pick one of the pieces and use this as a weapon or you can combine it with rope and a rock to form a hammer.

Things to do:
Think up puzzles
Add atmosphere (thinking of trying some custom 2d filters if I can figure them out and they don’t slow the game too much)
Model enemies
Enemy AI for different enemies: My present enemy can pick up rocks and throw them at you, pick up sticks and swing at you, steal weapons from you if he is not holding anything and you are. He can’t dodge yet, He gets stuck in silly places, He randomly gets stuck inside of walls. can’t follow you up ladders…
Weapon/Tool python scripts

Anyway I hope I can complete this project!
Screens below:


Sounds interesting. Puzzle based action games are always fun. :slight_smile:

i cant wait to try this one out! Btw I can’t tell, are they naked?

:yes: They are naked for now…They are not meant to be completely nude. Its one of the things I’m still working on. I have worked out a system of having the character pick up and wear clothes as he goes along. The game will start with you waking up in a strange place with only a loin cloth around your important bits:)
I’ll post some screens with some ‘decent’ people soon!

I have now worked out a health system that links the characters movements with the health. ie the healthier you are the faster you move etc. This will form part of the game puzzles where you need to be at a certain level of health to open certain doors etc.

I have also worked out the clothing system. At the moment I just have the torn shorts and shirt but will grow the range of available apparel!

Now I will start on the interaction with the enemies…


really cool! Can you tell me how you made your close system? Because I was thinking on how to do that, and I want to hear the way you are making the clothes system.

btw, I think puzzle action games, like zelda right? That’ll be fun :smiley:

Here is a link to video:

what I did to get the character to change clothes etc is I parent my character to an armature then I made a copy of the character and edited the mesh until it looked like a full shirt. This makes the shirt move correctly with the characters armature. I then give this a transparent texture for when the character is not wearing clothes.
Then I copy this again remove its parent from the armature then edit the mesh and texture to look like a many different shirts.
Then I have a little python script that gets the mesh of the shirt and sets it/swaps it for the transparent one.
repeat for pants, shoes, gloves etc

I’m sure there are many other ways to do it but this seemed to be the easiest way for me. If you don’t have huge range of clothes you could do this with logic blocks only!:wink:

ha ha, thanks for the explanation, but I was talking about how you swapped the cloth, like the actually clothes swap… The python script you made for that :slight_smile:

It looks really good! I can’t wait for the demo!

It’s looking good so far! I like the atmosphere you’re going for. It sounds like the enemies you’ve planned on making will use everything the player can use, and with smart enemies like that in a graveyard/church setting, the mood really is dark =).

The graphics look great, I’m especially impressed with the environments. Lots of details, like uneven ground, grass and plants, rubble and debris, cobwebs and lots of textures! The programming bit sounds very interesting, too. I can only imagine how tricky getting all of it to work is, but from what I saw on the video, it looks like you’ve done a lot already. I’m looking forward to more updates!