3S Cloud Render Farm is now integrating and supporting Luxcore

Hi guys!

We are happy to announce to you guys that Luxcorerender is officially available on our platform and so excited to be one of a few render farms supporting Luxcore. With many advanced features like various material types, render algorithms, light groups, orthographic cameras and more, Luxscore is what 3D artists need to get the most complete graphics pipeline. Come visit 3sfarm.io now to try render with Luxcore, and other engines like Cycles and Eevee. We have them all because we want to deliver perfect 3D artworks to artists without any limits.


Awesome news !


@3SCloudRenderFarm hey i’m gonna try this out😉! Really great RENDER FARM FOR ANY KIND OF PRODUCTION!!! Thanks.


Thank you Odil for supporting us. We’d love to help you out with your render and listen to your feedback about our service. We are working on it everyday to make it better and so happy if we make you feel satisfied :smiley:

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Work well with luxcore 2.4!


I tested it for 2 days.
I will note that I liked:

  • Very high rendering speed. 4 times higher than other popular Luxcore-supported farm.
  • Very high speed of project launching after pressing the “render” button. In all tests, it took less than one minute.
  • Incredible technical support. Employees respond really promptly - it takes seconds to get in touch with a technician. Experts are responsive, attentive and delve into the question. All answers leave a feeling of completeness of the solution.
  • Next to the “render” button there is a “preview” button. It’s comfortable. And it’s free. The result is displayed in PNG.
  • There is a log file viewer.
  • It is possible to change the number of samples.
  • Developers are focused on development. My suggestions were not dismissed (as did another farm with Luxcore support). All suggestions were heard and accepted into work. As a result, new features will soon appear that other farms do not have. These features will further increase interaction speed by minimizing the time spent from deciding to render on the 3S Cloud to hitting the render button on the farm.
  • I liked the interface design very much. Feeling of openness, accessibility, completeness of implementation and simplicity.
  • Creating a preview gives an estimate of the cost of the final result. Note that in all tests the final cost turned out to be slightly lower than planned.

I note that I did not like:

  • No automatic zip preparation with rendering result.

As a result, now I really think not to buy Nvidia 3080, but to use this farm.


Tried this recently and I must say that the performance is quite impressive :smiley: This farm took just under 2 hours to finish a 280 frame animation scene set at 1500 samples with some volumetric @@ The UI still lacks some features that i’m looking for such as automatically turning image sequence to video file, but I believe they will improve over time. Great work guys :)))


Hi dez,
Thanks a lot for using our farm and giving us such compliments. We’re so glad to support you and seeing your outputs’ completeness makes us feel so happy and proud. We appreciate your comments and suggestions so much and will put our efforts to focus on developing and improving the system. Love to see you soon on our farm and have more great render time here :blush:

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Hi traurier,
Thanks for your comments. We noted your suggestion and will take it into consideration. We hope the other features worked well and smoothly enough as you expected. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I want to say that the technical support and team of this render farm are impressive!

Over the past two weeks, they have improved the farm significantly. Perceptibly. I’m talking about user interaction with the farm.

Made a link with Google Drive. For those who have automatic background synchronization of the project folder in this service, the speed of working with the farm increases significantly - the files on the farm appear almost instantly!
Soon this feature will be improved, and files will be automatically, in the background, rendered on the render farm via Google Drive.
Moreover, the result of rendering can already be uploaded to GD automatically.

These updates speed up interactions many times over.

Added support for non-English file names.
Perceptibly accelerated the startup time of the file. It now takes a few seconds.

Most importantly, you can now select both the camera and the scene.

Incredible! Awesome!
The best farm. Best staff. Highest speed. Extremely low prices.

For example, this is the cost and time of rendering a scene with a size of 9600x5400 px, 1500 samples, 5 materials with SSS.
On my Ryzen 5 1600 + Radeon RX 590, this scene takes 16 hours to render.



AWESOME. That’s amazing to see luxcore here.

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2 render layers.
7680 x 4320 px.
Noise threshold 50.
2 hours of rendering on a 96 core server.
4$ rendering price.
Free test rendering.
Full Luxcore support.
I am more than satisfied.

I’ll just leave this screenshot here:

Why do I need a powerful video card at these prices?

It is very easy and fast to work with it.
Very good technical support, which responds quickly and helps with all questions.
Glad to found out you guys.