4 fast questions about game engine

if could someone ask me that simple -fast- questions i would be happy

1.- can blender engine use more than 1 3d window for multiplayer games? (2 player views an a cenital map view)

2.- is anaglyph stereo mode out of actual versions of game engine? someone know if it will be back?

3.- can i also compile a runtime for linux and other blender supported platforms?

i think i’m forgotting something but… well i hope someone could feedback me about that.

i’m a flaash game developer for years and also a blender user for years, but i have no idea about the game engine and it would be nice to develop a free 3d multiplatform game using blender

thanx in advence for your time

  1. not but you can use scenes to emulate multiveiws

  2. not sure what it is so I dont know

  3. Yes, Mac seems a lil bugg with runtimes though

0.- thanks, very fast! :slight_smile:

1.- do you know abou some tutorial/examples about this trick? i’m sure i’ll take it into account since the first moment of gamedesign if it’s a trick

2.- anaglyph is that red-blue 3d cheap glass. i have read something about a tophuu version… anyway it would be a nice feature of a racing game but i’m sure it wouldn’t b massively used by players

3.- happy to know about it

as soon as i try that multicamera trick i’ll start learning blender engine (i’m afraid multiplayer is a must in the gameplay)

I’d say it isn’t worth the effort

in blender 2.23 and prior it was possible to use python to make multiple scenes display on different parts of the screen. However, after some time [probably because they weren’t garunteed to recieve the same user input] they would become out of synch. As this used the blender module, it did not work in the standalone runtime or plugin [which iirc were introduced in 2.25 but I have only been using blender since 2.21 or 2.22]

from 2.25 to 2.33 it was not possible, the blender module was not avalible in gameblender, or the game engine was not functional

with 2.34 I am informed that the blender module is avalible in the game engine [I haven’t tested it], so in theory my script may work again. However, it still will not work in the stanalone player or web plugin [assuming someone builds it] because again the blender module will not be avalible. I doubt that the implementation has been changed such that the two scenes would recive the same input [so they would get out of synch unless you did something about that].

in general you should be waiting for a blender feature that does this, without the need of multiple scenes.

why don’t you download tuhopuuu?


thanx z3ro i’v read about your experiments on the forum and just forgoted the idea of doing a multiplayer game… maybe i’ll try to fix the idea to suit into a single player game (not too interesting without enemies nor anaglyph depthon the standalone player)

but maybe i could fix the anaglyph thing manually with 2 scenes with different lightsets and an aditive overlapping…

thanks again


kind of like the split screen issue, you can’t change the blend mode of different scenes in blender

you could try changing the blend mode to add of all of the faces, but you would see through them [and it would still look incorrect]

scenes aren’t rendered to a texture, then the screen. They are rendered directly to the screen, as such you can’t just go and change the blend mode [because there is no guarntee that a given pixel on the screen in a particular scene is rendered only once, usually it isn’t, so you’d be blending extra things and it will look wrong]

and, to synch multiple scenes, I guess you could do something like this:
in one of the scenes [but not the other] have the one object which recieves all user input, have this object send messages [which last I heard are recieved by both scenes], and then have all objects [linked into both scenes] use message sensors instead of keyboard or mouse sensors for the input. This, in theory, would keep everything in synch. The only problem I see is that once scene may start the frame after the other, and recieve the input on the same frame. I guess it could pause the first scene for a frame to catch up, but you may need to see if that is required first. Errors in synching are multiplied over time, at first a 1 frame difference will not be noticed