40k rhino

Thought id try modelling a rhino, so tell me what u think and how to improve it, early stage though,



lol, i thought iwas gonna see an actual rhino(animal)
what is this a shelter of some type?cant’ really critic don’t think
i’ve seen one of those before

its one of these


its a vehicle

More views. Also put OSA to 16 and put AO samples higher (if you got a shitty comp then keep it as it is; no need to screw you over :wink: )

Modeling: The basic shape you got right now looks fairly accurate, but I dont actually have a rhino in my collection so I can’t completly crit. except for their is no room for the tank tracks :frowning:

last you seem to have a bright spotlight pointed directly at the front of the tank which creates that really bright spot on the right, try turning it into an area light use square or rectangle doesnt really matter and scale it so its bigger then the tank on the X and Y axis.

strangely enougth OSA is at 16, ill try the different lighting

And im going to change the body for tracks when i get to it, lol

More views when ive completed more of the tank

thanks for the feedback :smiley:

could anyone give me some tips on how to model the crew hatches?



Hmmm, not bad so far but I think a defining feature of most rhino’s I’ve seen (I live in Africa) is a distint horn on their foreheads.

Most rhino’s I’ve seen also have four legs.



[quote=“Dsaber”]could anyone give me some tips on how to model the crew hatches?

maybe if you showed us a view of em :wink:

i did,

On the green rhino called Raziel, those on top with the gun etc

sry if i wasnt clear :expressionless:

wheres the rihno? is it behind the metal thing? :stuck_out_tongue: looking good dude.


thanks guys, but could someone please suggest what is happening with the left hand side of the rhino in the indent, there is a strange face, which i cant see on the wire frame


Dont worry ive fixed it, sry :expressionless: