47 Days-Title Art for Band

So this is where I’m gonna put a couple tests of some album design for a friend of mine, band logo, that kind of stuff. Though I don’t have anything to post right now…

More is on the way, I have finished the logo, and am right now rendering a file with lots o’ reflection (not really, but my computer isn’t good at rendering).
Wait, it finished! woot!
Might as well fiddle around a bit more…


The font looks sick but it’s kind of tough to read, maybe you can put the album title in that font and use something simpler for the band name. Although I would make a cover/logo in a program like Gimp or Photoshop, Blender is kind of overkill. Unless you wanted to make a scene with a bunch of instruments or something that would be pretty cool.

The S looks like a 4, I hope thats not intended cause, its a piss off for some people.
Anyways, as far as album design, not interesting.
Whats the point of the render?

As a logo I think it’s pretty bad, especially the render on the right which is unclear and is just some kind of shape rather than any readable text. A logo should be recognisable with just a glance, with this you have to look at it to decipher what it says mainly given the complicated font. The reflection and shadow on the left image also make it even more complicated to read.
The style reminds me of someone wanting to make some kind of ‘heavy metal’ type logo given its angular style but are trying too hard. It may work better being less fancy and maybe with a bold font to make more of an impact.


Hm. Now that I think about it, the “S” does look like a 4. As for the angular look, that’s the way my friend wanted it, he and the rest of the band agreed that it was a style they liked. I also don’t know where to take it yet, as my “client” has yet to really discuss what direction to actually go yet. Don’t think I’m trying to justify the way it looks! I realize that you are critiquing it and are “the masses.” Your guy’s points are something I’ll tell my friend that he has to take into consideration. If the general populace finds something displeasing. To the eye, then the chances of it being sold are slim.

So it’s technically not an album cover, so I shouldn’t call it that. And yes, the indirect lighting was really just me messin’ around. Probably shouldn’t have put that there.

And I’m using blender as overkill because I like it and I can’t use photoshop. :slight_smile:
Plus, the actual album cover that my “client” discussed with me would require some 3D effects. But that’ll come later.