4K and 8K resolution. New challenges?

Hi guys.
I have a question. Recently 4K becomes a new standard for animations and feature movies.
What does it mean for people working in CG\Games\VFX. Do you expect more work on the detail that needs to be done to fill such res? Are there any challenges or new workflows, and tools coming with that?
Also, is 8K now a resolution which is used to anything? Like a technical over the resolution to be scaled down?
I’m curious about your opinions.

It means longer render times and higher resolution art. With 4K, I think you will probably need more attention to detail because low resolution detail will be more noticeable. For example, sometimes tiny tubes are modeled as hexagons, but you might need 12 sided cylinders now for tiny details. Some computers have 5K screens, but I don’t think 8K is very common right now. I think I saw a super expensive 8K TV online.

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Disneys Lion King remake was reportedly rendered at 2k and upscaled. CGI elements are usually tend to be way too sharp compared to live footage anyway. Mostly I’d guess that something like AI upscaling get’s more widely used, like DLSS is being used in realtime and can produce better image quality than native 4K with TAA.

Just brute forcing 4k and higher resolutions doesn’t seem like the way foward.


In many cases, advances in upscaling and in denoising should help with the problem as far as rendering goes, but that still leaves the issue of creating higher resolution assets.

Assets that look good in 4K requires an exponential bump in texture resolution and detail. While advances in 3D technology and hardware helps greatly with this, companies are quickly moving towards 8K, which will require another exponential bump. The problem with 8K is that such content right now (native, not upscaled) requires a high-end workstation to even make (ie. 64 core threadrippers with 256 GB of RAM and a Quadro). If there is any saving grace it is that the rollout of 8K content is likely to make many years.

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Many UHD releases were mastered in 2k then upscaled

Ah I understand. I noticed that there are many 4K TVs appearing right now, also HDMI standards so I wondered if this is a thing. Do you guys know if games are created for 4K as well?

In console space it’s rarely native 4k. It’s usually around 1440p upscaled with checkerboard or similar software solution

Taking dynamic resolution, variable rate shading, upscaling into account it’s not about concrete numbers anymore.

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