5 Gum Commercial

Hello, CG artists. Been a while since I’ve posted but still have been busy working on numerous projects :slight_smile: and school :(. This is a project I did for my Dual Credit English class on advertisements. It is my first animation using 3D motion tracking and VFX in Blender. It is also one of the first projects that was restricted on a “job like” deadline, undergoing production for 2-3 weeks. All constructive critique and feedback is accepted and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Pretty nice for your first tracking project!
But i think the unwrapping takes too long, I would put a cut in between.
And you could have added some kind of water vapor rising from the ice.

Oh man! Your absolutely right I totally forgot about that step! I meant to do water vapor but I ran over that part. I will fix it that next time I get the chance

I think it’s pretty cool, however… the sounds really needs some work in my opinion.
But other than that, pretty awesome!

Haha yea i know. I searched forever trying to find the right sound for the effect but couldn’t find anything good and I didn’t know how to record a sound for this effect. So I ended up just using and mixing whatever sounds I could find. Thx for your feedback!

try a new name
LSD-5 gum

I don’t quite understand. Explain further. Do you mean try a new name for this flavor?