5 minute death star

not much to say here
just felt like doing it, so i did
and i think it came out preety good


You made the crater too big. Use reference images for this type of stuff.


oh! sry. its 3 yrs since i saw the movie

Ahh nostalgia attak , 30 years on ILM spacecraft still look good.

Now model in the trench and texture in the panels and lights:eyebrowlift:

edited it, so it looks more like the pic


A bit dark,but a bit better than the first pic

This looks more like a WIP than a finished piece… but then again it says that it is a 5 minute Death Star.
Try some textures and make the construction part a little more detaild. Just my 2cts.

well. i was planning it to be finised but then someone told me to edit it.