50 €ent coin

So here is my latest work in progress, the model is nearly done,just minor fixes left (and things beeing criticized for example on this topic :D), then i have to work on the material and presentation.
You can also find it here: http://manuell3d.wordpress.com/


I’m from Germany, too but I don’t know if I’m allowed to reply in German so I try it in English ;D
Really great modeling. I just compared it to an coin and you missed only one little detail. You forgot the bow above the 2002.
But the rest is absolutly perfect in my opinion. You modeled even the two little "L"s :smiley:
Great work. I’m anxious to see the textured and rendered result

Cool congratulations for this great model

Did i really miss it? I modelled a bow (look closely, image is very small), is there another one you mean? :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comment

Oh sorry^^
You didn’t miss it. It is really perfect. Great work.

Spot on! Well done! I wish we could make money in 3D programs and then upload them out of our computers :smiley: we’d become rich! haha well at least you can be rich in blender :slight_smile: good model no crits! Well done again.