500+ Short, Easy Blender Tutorials, Organized in Playlists, for New Users

Blender is super-powerful and fun, but also loaded with a huge amount of features that requires a lot of work for new users. These tutorials were designed to help you quickly get up to speed in Blender, touching on a large variety of topics, letting you experience the power of Blender itself. Best of luck in your journey.

This is extremely helpful! Surprised (you’re?) not more popular on youtube!

Thanks much. I think the lack of popularity is because I cover a lot of the more mundane, but really important, details, somewhat like referencing a manual in depth. For those who follow my tutorials, I believe they will have a more productive, technical edge over time.

Not only that, my first premium (paid) tutorial about vector math and Python programming in the game engine (3d Time Machine Warrior), can definitely give an artist an extra technical edge, but even that type of tutorial which emphasizes math and programming will not likely be that popular as most artists don’t want anything to do with math.

You can track my upcoming tutorials, specialized models and more via my SciFiAnimator.com web site which I’ve been rebuilding for a new launch by the end of the month.

Thanks for watching.