6 questions :)


I have six questions, please, if anybody knows:

  1. after I create with ‘K’ a new vertice to an edge, how can I move the new vertice along their edge (not to axis x, y or z)?
  2. how can I move a face along their perpendicular axis?
  3. how can I move a face along their two edge-axis?
  4. (if it is possible) how can I delete the new vertice (from the 1st question), but the edge must remain intact?
  5. if I have some textures or materials unasigned (with “0” sign on the list), how can I delete them?
  6. every time I start Blender I must introduce the texture path in the preferences window. It is possible to remain this setting forever?

Sorry for the english :slight_smile:

Once you enter the path, ctrl-U will save the user defaults.

blender doesn’t save unused materials so they will be gone the next time you open the document.

  1. (if it is possible) how can I delete the new vertice (from the 1st question), but the edge must remain intact

Ukey for undo is the olnly thing I can think of.

I not on a blendered box so I’ll answer what I can from memory,

  1. I’m not sure of the Question.

2 & 3. Experiment w/ “shift G”? What ever the actuall hot key combo, you want to use the functionality that moves’s select stuff along single axis.

  1. You can’t remove vertices and retain the edges. You might want to try selecting the vertices that define the edge you want to use then hit shift d to duplicate it and then hit p to seperate selected.

5A. In the the ‘X’ beside the textures & material selectors removes it from the object. one respective to what you want to remove. I’t in the documentation at blender.org.

5B. You can remove unused stuff from the *.blend file. But I don’t remember what it’s. I’ve seen it in the forems a number of times but I don’t remember seeing it in the blender.org documents.

  1. Start blender and step your desired base setup and type control ^u
    this set your user defaults. it’s in the documentation at blender.org.
  1. Use the 3D cursor as Rot/Scale Pivit and snap it to the vert at the end of the edge you want to slide the moving vert. Then select the moving vert and Scale.

  2. In edit mode select the face and Alt-S

  3. Don’t understand

  4. Answered

  5. Ctrl-W, Ctrl-O. And if you’re deleting material and texture you will need to do it twice.

  6. Answered.



Let’s try to answer:

THis is a Jedi trick, don’t tell around:
a - select one of the two vertices at the exterme of the segment
b - SHIFT-S cursor -> Selection
c - Select middle vertice
d - DOTKEY to switch to scale with respect to cursor
e - SKEY to scale
f - move mouse

ALT-S might be an answer, but the face is scaled too, meaning it gets bigger/smaller. If you really want to extrude the face normally without
scaling you must set yourself in a view where the face lays flat on the screen (which is a feat by itself) Then use the ‘Extrude Dup’ Mystical button (Mesh Tools Panel)

If you can rotate the view so that the face lays flat on screen…


You don’t need. They are not saved, so you won’t have them next time you open the file

Seve defaults as suggested


Thank you very much to all !!! :smiley:

To rotate the view so that the face is flat (this involves questions 2 and 3) you can select the vertices of the face and do Shift-V to Align View to Selected.

Then, to move the vertices along the plane defined by the edges, select top. To move them perpendicular to the face, select front or side and be reeeeeally careful when moving it ;). There’s no other way I can think of to move the face perpendicularly without scaling it.
It would be nice to be able to move things along the view’s axes though. I don’t see why it isn’t implemented yet, since it is possible to mirror across them; I should think it would be simple to apply this to transformations (unless the mirroring through the view’s axes was some sort of clever hack).

Hope this helped a bit.

Agree, or like in WINGS, who permit any operation on x, y, z, perpendicular or parallel axis with vertices, edges or faces…
In Blender its not possible a simple face moving along his perpendicular axis? :frowning: