6 Years of Blender

I first started using Blender sometime in 2009. Back then we only had Blender 2.48 and rendering with “BI” was like the only option. It’s really interesting to look back on the old work that I have made, to see some kind of development in Blender as well as myself as an Artist.
I hope you find this video interesting as well as encouraging. If you are new to Blender, just keep on practicing and you are bound to get better.

So I decided to make this video, which is a compilation of the projects I have worked on these past 6 years. Some of the pictures are in a very low resolution and have been upscaled. I had to dig up some of the images from http://Blenderarists.com because they are so old I didn’t have them on my computer.

It’s cool to see someones progress over such a long time. Thanks for making this compilation. Keep blending :slight_smile:

Amazing how your progressive your works for 6 years… Thank you for sharing your video of your demo and more years to come to forward looking your new projects… Keep Blendering!!! :slight_smile: