6 yr old son's 1st project

This is my 6 year old son’s first independent project. I mean i helped him with what keys to push. And I did help a little more with the chimney, but he is doing it.

Anyway he wanted to share his progress.


Six years old and already figuring out 3D, that is impressive for someone his age.

When I was six, the only creative tools I had on the PC was some simple 2D block-building program and MS Paint (I did a lot more with analog mediums such as drawing and Legos). FOSS had practically nothing to offer back then (then again, FOSS grew with the internet and that was still in its infancy).

Thank you, yeah i know what you mean, I made a website and used paint online was the extent I had back then.

He’s been insistent about learning blender, though it is frustrating for him but he is learning.

i was only able to steal cars in this age, so, respect! no just joking. tell him we are very honored to have such a talented artist among us.

Thing is, I was around 35 before I got to that (53 now), so by the time he hits his teens, he’ll have well overtaken me, taking into consideration the learning ability of kids compared with us oldies.

I hate him already :wink:

He’ll be very excited to hear all these comments. Thank you.

Well, Blender is known to have a steeper learning curve than many other 3D programs (due to decisions made by the dev. team in the past 15 years), however…

-Blender is free, very unlikely your son can buy any of the commercial offerings with allowance money
-A six year old should stay far away from anything DAZ has to offer (they sell Carrara and Bryce at rock bottom prices, but their website has a ton of other stuff that’s not so appropriate).

Well done SandraDau, that is what I call parenting.

Very nice first artwork for kid of his age. You must be proud of him :slight_smile: I hope my son will be intersted in 3D when he grow up. He is now 1,5 and i am happy when he recognizes objects i create.

He added a tree and a moon and ground. Thank you for all the wonderful replies.

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He made a tree as well. And is learning low poly.

and a chair.

Whoa! Tell him I said he is doing great!! I will be following his project and am looking forward to seeing the final masterpiece!! :wink:

very nice,he is getting the proportions and placement well.i hope blender 101 programmers consider kids of this age too.

The Blender 101 project will make it easier for beginners and younger artists (there was a video showing an easy-to-use scale-cage widget as well as the view-cube type thing), but making it possible for kids as young as 6 to start making art without help is likely not going to happen (due to the inherent nature of working with 3D).

Yes, the modeling workflow could become easier still if the extrude tool had abilities like the equivalent in Sketchup and Zbrush’s modeler (or even the Destructive Extrude addon being written for Blender), but a very complex model will still take some skill to make.

he’s been working hard on a cabin.


I see this only now… Your six year old son started this six month before…
Well in six weeks we will see his first short movie and six days later we all will go to the cinema for his first full movie.
We are living in fast times… :wink:

This --> (o) is my Emoji for a cookie. Give him one.
(Or is it the form of my mouth an my hands on my ears?)

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Discourse actually has an emoji for that.

By the time your kid is 10, he’ll be outpacing us all. :smiley:


This is so cheerful :cat2::cat::tiger2::cow::dromedary_camel::ram::pig::rhinoceros::biking_woman::woman_cartwheeling: