60s Self Driving Car

Hi all, a short vid about the dreams my datsun roadster has at nights, i presume.

Comments welcome and appreciated.

Haha, great concept, great look to the video. I really liked the style and feel like it fit the theme and the music. If I had one critique it is that the car just feels way to slow. If it’s supposed to be slow motion, then we need some visual cues to key us in to that. A slow mo bird flying or something. But that said, I was genuinely surprised at the end, and still enjoyed it. Good work!

edit, actually I watched it again and I missed the birds (watched it on my phone) but I think they should fly a cross at the beginning, and I think the other problem is that the sound effects are not slowed down, and you hear the car peeling out, but yet see the car going so slow. Anyway, while it could be improved, it’s still a really nice piece.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Notes taken. The intent as you said was for slow motion and while i did attempt to slow down the sounds it clearly wasn’t enough. And you are right re visual cue about slow birds in the beginning. For my next scene i’m going to do it at real time and see how that comes out. Cheers.

awesome concept and the music fits really well into the scene.