61 Planks are looking for 2D/3D artist for survival RPG

61 Planks is looking for help with an upcoming PC-focused game developed under the Unity engine. Our multinational team is composed of members with experience developing multiple games and mods, including projects for Dragon Age, HeroEngine, and indie games.

The project, Silence (working title), is a 3rd person survival RPG, based on Dan Rupe’s novel Serene’s Silence. The player will step into a world where three factions, despite their good intentions, are headed for war. Our goal is to develop an open-world experience with the immersion of a story-driven adventure game. Regardless of the role and paths taken, the player will uniquely become part of the conflict that unfolds. We have taken inspiration from great open-world games such as Fallout and TES but also from immersive titles like Thief, Myst, and Minecraft.

We have been working directly with Dan for the past few months to flesh out the world. Now, equipped with details, we are looking for concept and 3D artists to give the team the single vision for the next phase of development. We are open to different levels of commitment desired by the artist (long-term or short-term involvement, number of pieces, etc.). The specific positions we are hoping to fill:
• Concept Artists (Character)
• Concept Artists (Environment)
• 3D Artists (Character)
• 3D Artists (Environment)

For each position, please provide samples of work to [email protected] . Candidates must be able to communicate adequately in English using Skype.

What we are expecting from these positions:
• Steady-pace of deliverables (based on experience and commitment level)
• Keen eye in blending existing common styles into a new one
• Mature gritty style –adult (20s to 40s) body shapes and realistic proportions for both male and female characters
• Actively breaking common stereotypes

Although we are only actively recruiting positions for which we have enough work, feel free to contact us ([email protected]) with any interest or questions relating to future positions. We currently have some help with level design, game design, programming and writing. However, once we have some concept art and modeling finished, we expect to be recruiting more team members for those positions as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Zuzana Ferková
61 Planks

We are still looking for 1 or 2 environmental modellers to join our ranks. If you are interested, please contact us ( [email protected] )

We are currently looking to fill position of animators. We require:

Ability to create bipedal general and action animation
Ability to work in the unity workflow
Comfortable with FBX file format
Knowledge of rigging and proper weighting
Knowledge of the mechanim system a plus

If you are interested in joining us, please send us examples of you work to [email protected]

We are still looking for ANIMATORS and ENVIRONMENTAL/ARCHITECTURE modelers.

If you are interested in joining us, please send us examples of you work to [email protected]