6dof actuator?

Could some one code a logic brick that controlled the object 6dof constraints?

If not could some one help me with a small python block that was all of the objects 6dof limits and partent,

Thank you :slight_smile:
Any help would be met with happiness

I am a decent modeler and writer and inventor, if you ever need anything drawn up/figured out :slight_smile:
I can code logic, and would like to help others finish there own games, so they can help with mine

I just had an old friend join my team,
my game is coming along nicely, but the more proficient coders/animators the merrier :slight_smile:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsAYchGJJK0 it’s my block :slight_smile:

Class KX_PyConstraintBindingseems to be the issue here, but I am not sure how to get it to do what I am looking for, also why is there no physics type actuator? like static riged etc? Collide on and off? I see a ghost param in parent object actuator, but it will only seem to disable collisions, not re-enable them, like parent -> cube 1+ghost, wait, parent , ->cube 1-ghost still does not collide after parent is applied…
another issue, is there a resource for turning python into bricks? I have a few ideas for new actuators, like this one 6dof settings, and a object data track actuator that has 3 connects to it, X,y,z so I could have ,

every x frames -Object(posX)-and-assign prop X this gets the objects position on X and sets prop X
every x frames -Object(velX)-and-assign prop XV

this could make my life so much easier, right now I have to adjust a python script to set a variable, every object has core properties, that should be adjustable via a logic node actuator and detectable by a logic node sensor, in a simple drop down with each set of properties,

I r sad panda :frowning:

Hello 6dof logic brick ? for a sensor (Rotation and offset) or for a actuator Apply force / break link / link to new point or object etc

help ?

That’s a good idea, my question is what do you want to do with it?
There’s a small examplehere from the official blender site.
Normally I know that you setup your constraints in advance and then just enable them by script! I’m still learning so… there!

I want to use it to have people pick up items, drop them, and have them link to other “blocks” that are components, like “motor” “battery” etc.

I am using Parent at the moment, and it does not look right, and can’t have a safe area like a 6dof,
this is a 6dof assembly, but the links can’t be broke/re-arranged yet…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH6d92Vc1yQ Sensor,PowerCell,Motor
my game so far

So by getting them linned up they could initiate a link when triggered,
the components all use logic and collisions, so they don’t have any message etc, so you can builld without coding, after the components are made :slight_smile:

If you are going to use logic bricks only, maybe you should consider replace mesh!
If you have troubles or can’t use coding(which would simplify things), plan well how things can work with logic bricks.
In the case the player has to pick a part for a, lets say vehicle, and then attach it to the vehicle, you can prepare the vehicle beforhand:
The vehicle has all the placeholders (empties)for the parts in place, every placeholder will have a base mesh with zero no rendering(can be zero vertices or an invisible cube). The place holder can then have an identifying property and the constraints. If you cant make add the object and then the constraints, then you can set them manually and hide the vehicle instead of spawning it from a hidden layer.
The object or pick up can then have 3 state, iddle, active, used.
Iddle, the object is laying around with no logic or physics enabled.
As it’s picked up, it becomes active. You may parent it to the player’s hand for example. Then you have a near sensor running looking for this placeholder it belongs to, if found it sends a specific message, announcing itself.
Ased: as the player places the object in place, various things happen: while the object is sending messages, the vehicle is activated as the player is next to it or has previously activate it or it’s the main vehicle, you decide. It receives the message, replaces the default mesh with the announced one and sends a terminate message. Upon reception, the object/part or pick up is ended, deleted.

Remember, simplify all your moving/working parts of your objects, use empties when possible, then “mask” it with a simplified mesh. Don’t try to parent your parts directly to the object and then try to make it work as a compound, it will increase you physics calculations.
Get yourself a screen recorder, it will considerably increase your screen capture quality. If your work is of quality, the other artists will take you seriously, for it shows your project is strong and well planed/structured. Don’t animate unless is necessary (that means, you don’t need to show your weak points, if you wont use a good model, have a simple cube with linear velocity moving around) the glitchy animated doll is amusingly unappealing! When shooting get a good angle that shows as much of the action as possible! Show some hard work…

Plan ahead a bit more. Planning is like a map, the more detailed it is the better! Many times I tried to go with the ideas I have in my mind, but as the days passed, the ides change, you can easily change you mind and your project changes directions till it’s in a cul-de-sac! Lay down on paper all your ideas, if they work there, there are chances it will work on screen.

Try to stick by your plan, don’t look for shortcuts, ask for help when stuck. Asking help works better if you have worked on finding solutions, make sure to state what you want to accomplish and what you have tried. Then the community will help. If you decide that the help given is not satisfactory, then maybe your message was not clear, try to give more details. If you take heed of peoples advice, they are more prone to help you next time!

Good luck! And stay strong!

Edit: One more thing: you can edit your posts by clicking on edit post. People read your post if they are interested, be it on top or not!

I can code a lot more then I do… I am trying to make a system like Lego blocks, that communicate with there neighbors, when linked, I have built many interesting vehicles etc using 6dof a basic motor with torque, or rotation etc, and is for anyone to be able to build, not for making the game, for playing it…

Replace mesh will not form a new 6dof link :frowning:
I have whole games made already, using python… I just think that logic bricks will be the future :slight_smile:

In this case, you’ll have to hard code the features you need! Blender is an Open Source software, yo may change it to your liking!
I don’t see how you can make such a dynamic system with just logic bricks unless you design it very well. From what I’ve seen, that’s your main obstacle!

I have it working right now,

My poorly animated block mover, is a physical armature, no pre rendered, it’s skeletal and my first time so… it requires more precise force applications, but the march 1-10 or 1-X that initiates the forces is there, anyone can tune it in :slight_smile:

I have a duel polarity switch, power no power, and a motor, more to come,
Akira_b made a powernode that is quite pretty,

My logic motor, switch, and battery are using almost nothing, unoptimised :slight_smile:

Python is the power,programming its 50% of a game.

I can write python, I just don’t think it is as user friendly as blocks, with a few more logic nodes, you could do just about anything,
6dof actuator, more features for properties logic block copy item-properties to properties, like velocity or orientation etc,

Can some one give me a shove in the right direction for making new actuators? I have wrote C++ and VB and LSL and some python, I just think better in logic blocks :slight_smile: