7.62 Bullets

This is my first forum post, sorry if something isn’t right. I’m also semi-new to Blender, but have every intention to get better, constructive criticism is appreciated! Anyway, I’ll get on with the actual reason I posted this.

7.61x51mm rounds that I made, rendered at 1150 samplings took about 45-50 mins to render. The bottom bullet looks stubby to me, it is the exact same as the one standing up though.

They do look a little stubby for that caliber, but I assume the dimensions are correct?

The casing and copper jacket could both be a bit shinier, maybe with some scratches from the manufacturing process?

Yeah, that all sounds good, I think I will try to do that. How would you recommend doing the scratches? Image texture? Bump map? Actually modelling them in?

The dimensions should be right, if my reference image had it right.

Oh, goodness, you would NOT want to model in scratches…yeah, an image texture would be best. Maybe make a grunge map for it? Probably make a grunge map for it in Gimp…export the UVs, download some grungy-looking brushes for Gimp (a simple Google search should give you some good results), paint on some scratches (this part is REALLY an art. Too little, you won’t notice anything…too much, it will look like that little bullet fought a war all by itself! Picture reference is good for that kind of stuff), in Blender, make the black parts of the grunge map correspond to something (maybe a shiny underlayer? Just black? Not really sure…I would go with chrome, though), and you have yourself some scratches! (Sorry if I broke down the process too much, figured you might not have added scratches before)

The key to making a good grunge map is to think about what would REALLY be happening to the object that it would get the scratches…did it get spun around during manufacturing, and scratched by a piece of stray metal? Did it get packed really tightly into a box with 70 other bullets? Tell a story.

If you want to put on a bump map, it wouldn’t be a bad idea, either…just for the scratches, though. Also, I’m not looking at your reference, but should the bullet’s metal be a bit less rough in its reflections? Might be a bit more “metal-y” with sharper reflections…might even want to put on a gentle metal texture on it! If you want to go really crazy, you can put in some anisotropic shading in there.

Sorry for the long list of things…I’m tired, and I’m rambling O.o

Irl they look like this

They need to be shinier.

That reference picture someone posted is pretty good.

It also shows the color difference where the “neck” of the casing has been annealed (could be done with a color ramp and a gradient maybe?), also notice the little marks all around the actual bullet where it seats into the casing.

The scratches or color differences could largely be achieved with a procedural texture I think.