7 days | official music video for sheer.K

Hi blenderheads !
Long time since I have posted something here, but this one took quite some time!

sheer.K is a french trip-hop band I play with (guitar and vocals) and for which I am also graphic designer.
We are proud to release 7 days, our first official music video and flagship for our new 7 days EP.
If you like what you hear, consider buying our music on bandcamp, it really helps us make some cool stuff.

This movie was my first attempt at 3D animation and video production. It honestly took me ages, but i learned so much. All 3D aspects were done in Blender: modelling (except a few blendswap models, see below), rigging, texturing, shading… and rendering (Cycles of course) were made on my home computer (nice electricity bills!).

A few tech details for those interested:

  • Characters were generated with the help of makehuman and transformed in B3D to get that faceted look.
  • All textures are procedurally generated (including skies), as I wanted a graphic unity and did not aim for absolute realism. The only image texture used is the one of the moon.
  • Compositing was made in Blender and After Effects and the movie was editing in Premiere Pro.

A few models come from blendswap (thx to the modelers) :
Pontiac GTO 67 by the cali
Pump Oil Cig by utopianqn
New York City apartment building by Reino
Apartment Building by redcorestudios
Traffic Lights by mofx

Don’t hesitate to ask if you want more infos.


Here are some screenshots:

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Very impressive, I can imagine it must have taken ages to create! Great work! :+1:

This is really well animated for your first time. Nice work! I like the music too.

Thanks guys. Glad you like it!

Great job being you learned so much!

PS what the hell happened to trip-hop??? i hardly recognise the genre, sound more like pop music