7 Special + 28 Repetitive Character Modeling for Board Game

Hello everyone,

we are creating a board game and need some characters, that should be created in a simple shaped stylized way. The main look of the game is typical low poly isometry for the main assets of the game - houses, reaching from sheds to skyscrapers. The game is similar to monopoly. We already have the models for the houses.

Unfortunately, i have no time to create sketches in 2D. We would have to do a call and i could send you a briefing. I cannot share anything in public. That is why this collaboration requires following:

  • Adapting the style that’s determined by the houses
  • Efficient modeling
  • Systematic and flawless work
  • Great level of communication

And the last and most important aspect is speed. We dont have much time left. We would need your commitment for the next month.

7 Main characters will have variations in their facial structures. There are real life references. The other 28 will be repetitive as their role is secondary. For example a base shape for male and female. Minor variation in these. Most variation by clothing, hair, colors etc.

We would be pleased if you reach out to us. This is a very important project.

Thank you for your time.

Cem Gedik
Art Director

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Is it eligible for begginers?

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