700ml glass bottle feedback & advice

Hi there,

I’m new to Blender Artist, it’s great to virtually meet you.

Having recently pursued a new career path, I challenged myself to learn 3 new skills I was either inexperienced in, or typically told myself “I don’t have time” whilst in employment. Blender was 1 of the programs I wanted to learn more about!

My passion is Brand Identity & Product Design. I’ve worked on a range of FMCG products in multiple industries so I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with a new UK company, looking to market the newly UK distilled and manufactured alcohol spirit. WODKA!

I’d love to hear from any creative out there willing to spare a minute to look over my current scene & provide some feedback/advice on how I can improve. I’ve created a ZIP package with the blend file, image references for the physical bottle as well as dimensions if you’d prefer to request to see more :slight_smile:

Product Spec:

  • 700ml Glass Bottle (Require advice on how I would create the top model of the attached references)
  • Frosted Red with Screenprint 4COL
  • White Masks (for SpotUV and transparency)

Thanks for reading!


hello welcome to BA, in a few minutes i will show you how to model that…

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Hi Michael, I’d really appreciate that! Thanks for your time

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untitled2.blend (764.7 KB)

i modeled this under 30 mins, this was done eyeballing it so not accurate shape as the reference LOL…
also i gonna upload a 50 min length video from model to render of this, so at the moment is being uploaded…

also if i understood you want to make the glass and label to have similar look and transparency as the red bottle?


This looks great! Thanks for helping, really looking forward to watching it!

The red bottle is what I’ve created so far, but I’m looking to enhance the material even further. This is an example of what I’m trying to achieve for the bottle itself… A red frosted bottle with capability to create a masked area where the frosted/roughness is a full gloss/clear area. You can see an example of this on the infamous grey goose bottles. I’m also assuming your HDRI or scene environment will make a difference?

The bottle is also being screen printed, you can see from my Red concept I’ve created a texture that has been unwrapped but the main visual component of the product I’m going to be designing is the masked clear areas.

Thanks again Michael,

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later i show you how to make similar material…

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