75 000 000 bc

I was making this for the last 2 days. I made and rendered the model in Blender Cycles with only 40 samples. After that I isolated the model and it’s shadow and combined it with a background image from Pixabay. After that I went and did some additional post processing in Gimp. I would be very grateful if you would tell me how to improve the render.


Remarkable indeed!!!

Thank you :slight_smile: A few monthes ago I tried to make a dragon and learned a lot about texturing and modeling while making it.

I am not that skilled, anyway if you like this kind of stuff (and if you haven’t already looked) here a link


Thanks, I’ll check the tutorial :slight_smile: And I do like making this kind of stuff :wink:

Nicely done.
i think the dinosaur skin is perhaps a little too uniformly grey? More recent approaches have viewed dinosaurs as probably coloured - possibly more like the rang of colours in lizards. Birds came from dinosaurs - lots of colour there. So maybe let your mind run more freely on the colouring? Green with reddish flashes maybe or something like that. The eye is very heavily shadowed also. With this type of dinosaur you want menace I think and menace comes from the eyes as much as it does teeth and claws. Maybe see if you can get that eye gleaming out with a bit of menace? I hope you find my comments helpful and constructive.
edit: another thought on colouring - if he’s hunting in that forest might evolution have given him camouflaged colouring ? Maybe vertical striping lighter and darker greens for example. I don’t mean blend him into the background of course!

Thank you :slight_smile: You’re definitely right about the eye. I already have an idea on how to change that. And well the coloring, maybe I should try out a few other color patterns. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try it out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I tried to follow your advice and painted a different texture for the skin and changed the material of the eye.

The new render you just made looks a lot more visually appealing! It still doesn’t look 100% realistic, although it’s far better than anything I could do :).

Thank you :slight_smile: I know, the material node setup is very simple right now, I think the teeth and bump mapping on the skin destroy the realism the most. Those materials really need refinery.