8 (animation)

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This film is something between animation and music video. It is a graphical complement for the song by band in which I played the guitar, but I`ve changed the music slightly so it better suit the animation.

I hope you will enjoy watching it. For all those not downloading videos here are 2 versions more, but bear in mind that the quality may be pretty bad:
YouTube version
Google Video version

Nice stuff though there are a few moments that it looks more like a blender demo :slight_smile:

I liked it !

Nice - I espcially like the dirt particles over the video is this done using blender ?? or is ir post production film grain effect ? is so any tips ?

the start and end parts are my fav the 2d lines look nice is this wireframe ?

thanks guys :slight_smile:

@adamprocter: these are particles added in postproduction (also in Blender). 2d lines are vertex with halo material, but there are few moments with similar effect done with wire material.

nice effects here and there, but it didn’t really seem to fit with the music…


Very nice like a modern take on russian construtivism, el lissitzky. I thought it worked really well with the music which i also enjoyed. Good to see such a professional looking creative animation done with blender. Congrats.

If its your opinion than theres no talking about it, I respect that. Depends what who likes, but maybe that`s because you have got wrong codecs? Did you use players I mentioned in the first post?