8 sky scrapers, 725 faces, 47 seconds rendertime



the 725 faces are counting the planes on the ground. I don’t know how many tris at the moment.

Each scraper has a 1024x1024 color map, a 512x512 tangent space normal map, and a 512x512 specularity map also mapped to raymirror.

My next goal is to build alpha mapped planes to simulate the ambient occlusion between the base of the skyscrapers and the ground.

I turned OSA down to 5, so this 1024 x 576 took only 41 seconds.
turned the shadow sample up to 16, got this in 78 seconds:

Here is a look at a high poly scene render, this one took about 24 minutes, IIRC:


Cool. It kinda looks like a Sim City metropolis.

the buildings are looking really good, my only thing is that the grid city layout is ok but why not spice it up a bit and give some of the more prominent buildings more land, maybe give them there own parks, etc. Plus I didn’t see any enterances at the bottom of any of the buildings. Great start though!!