80's Boy Room (90's teenager)

Scene made for my YT channel to serve as ambience for a LoFi playlist. The idea was to create a nostalgia room with references both from the 80’s and the 90’s.

Here a version without light and texture:

And if anyone wats to see how it turned out in motion, here it is:


wait… if you are a 90’s TEEN… why dont you have an atari or an older console?

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that strat looks rad!

did you model that yourself?

if not, i’d appreciate a link to the model :stuck_out_tongue:
great mood

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thank you for that!
i love it <3

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Cuz “I” used do play arcade more than anything back then, and “I” could go to my neighbour’s house when “I” wanted to play the older consoles. But the SNES happened to be the first console “I” actually owned.

I modeled the most of it. The TV, the walls, floor, the dust on the floor, forniture, posters, LPs, magazines, cassette tapes, vhs tape cases, the SNES controller and cartridges, the cables, the power plugs in the wall, the jacket, the backpack, the window, the blinds…
The rest I downloaded free models from sketchfab and made some minor changes: The vhs player, the walkman, the SNES base, skate, guitar, the converse and the delorean.

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Thank you!

wanna fight, bro? joking… yeah i see. :rofl:

Hehe… Maybe, Street Fighters or TKOF?
Kidding, I suck in both anyways… haha

when I said “strat”, i meant the guitar. sorry.


EDIT: you even said sketchfab, i gotta stop cross-reading everything

I see. It makes sense now. Somehow I thought “strat” was a fancy word I didn’t know about for the AO render version. lol. But, stratocaster, yeah, makes much more sense.
But actually this version I downloaded is not that precise if you look too close, but looks perfect at a distance.

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That’s what i thought, but i guess i gotta make my own.

I’m gonna try to establish clay renders as strats tho lol

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hey, thank you! A great weekend for you too!

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