90s style reflections in Blender 2.92?

Recently I’ve been trying to get a 90s animation look for a short and I have had some luck but I still need help with a few things. Mainly reflections.
In older CG, I notice a few things;
It looks like it was either reflective or not
The reflections are never blurry or faded
They really liked reflections

I want to have a reflective, checkered floor like they so often did, but I’ve run into an issue where if I want it to have a texture, I can’t have it be entirely reflective.

I guess what I’m saying is I want the reflective properties of the 2nd one, with the texture of the first. I notice in the older renders, the color of the object doesn’t really impact how it reflects and there’s also no blurriness in the reflections.


Any tips?

Something like this?

Yeah pretty much, thanks!